Engage. Create. Innovate.

UC Risk and Safety Solutions provides a one-stop-shop for lab safety, occupational health and risk management.

Engage. Create. Innovate.

Our Safety Suite is made up of more than 20 different applications, all built for the needs of our diverse user base, which includes researchers, EH&S staff and Risk Management professionals.

Our safety suite is modularized, allowing customers to purchase only the solutions they need.

Our Innovative Roots Run Deep

Why Us

Why US!Why US!

Risk and Safety Solutions was founded to support the University of California, one of the world's leading research institutions. Meeting the challenges presented by the institution's vast breadth of EH&S and Risk Management activities required a creative spirit and new ways of thinking. Today that spirit continues as we expand our expertise to new activities and a wider range of business needs in the public and private sector.


  • Charles Bookman
    Charles Bookman
    Infrastructure Architect
  • Donna Carrasco
    Donna Carrasco
    Service Desk Manager
  • Diana Cox
    Diana Cox
    Customer Success Team Manager
  • Safa Hussain
    Safa Hussain
    Executive Director
  • Cat Keeley
    Cat Keeley
    Portfolio Manager
  • Connie Oberholster
    Connie Oberholster
    Business Intelligence Architect
  • Will Oleksy
    William Oleksy
    Agile Coach
  • Dung Phung
    Dung Phung
    Front End Architect
  • Stefan Tomic
    Stefan Tomic
    Core Services Architect
  • Russell Vernon
    Russell Vernon
    Product Developer

Board of Directors

  • Tom Andriola
    Tom Andriola
    UC System CIO
  • Mark Freiberg
    Mark Freiberg
    UC EHS LC Representative
  • Safa Hussain
    Safa Hussain
    Executive Director
  • Eric Kvigne
    Eric Kvigne
    UC RMLC Representative
  • Cheryl Lloyd
    Cheryl Lloyd
    Chairperson of the Board
  • Craig Merlic
    Craig Merlic
    Faculty Representative
  • Viji Murali
    Viji Murali
    UC ITLC CIO Representative